Become a #WomanofTheFruit and share your story.

Remember when you were younger and your mama used to excuse you from the room so she could tell her girlfriends about all the things she was going through?

Fast forward two decades later and now you have your own experiences to learn from and your own stories to tell. We are giving you the judgment-free platform.

The stories shared on The Fruit are all for the purpose of healing and connecting through our most vulnerable moments.

Share your fruit with us. Our goal is to have organic submissions for the newsletter. We find value in sharing real stories from real women trying to sow good seeds to produce good fruit in their lives.

We want our readers to feel encouraged in their personal lives and see that they are are not alone in whatever they are going through. It won't be easy, but it will be beautiful.

Please complete the form below. All stories will be reviewed and used at our discretion. Thank you in advance for sharing your Fruit!


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